MASCC Joint Sessions

MASCC Joint Sessions

EONS/ONS/MASCC Joint Parallel Session 1

Date and Time: Thursday June 28, 15:35-16:35
Title: Etiology and Management of Sleep Disruption, Fatigue and Related Symptoms Across the Cancer Trajectory in Patients and Caregivers

CRF, sleep disruption and depression frequently co-occur and increase patient and caregiver burden. Unfortunately, CRF, sleep disruption and depression are difficult to manage. Caregivers play a major but still mostly unrecognized role in the care of cancer patients.  The proposed parallel session will build on the joint expertise coming from multidisciplinary team of the experts in the areas of symptom management. The session will provide information on the latest developments in the areas of etiology, management and technology advances of CRF, sleep and depression in patients and caregivers. The plenary will serve to inform both clinicians and researchers with an interest in cancer treatment and cancer symptom management and provide novel insights into designing trials to address patients and caregivers’ health.

JASCC/MASCC Joint Parallel Session 9

Date and Time: Friday June 29, 14:10-15:10
Title: The Evolving Approach to Management of Cancer Cachexia Syndrome

Cancer cachexia, the wasting syndrome that can be so debilitating for patients with cancer, is the focus of a joint session between MASCC and the Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (JASCC).
There is emerging research on the causes and mechanisms of this symptom which will be highlighted during the session. An overview of the trials of how to best manage cancer cachexia will be presented and reinforced by the latest practice in Japan.

SIOG/MASCC Joint Parallel Session 18

Date and Time: Saturday June 30, 08:40-10:10
Title: Supporting Older Adults with Cancer - Cognitive Impairment, Delirium and Sleep - A Practical Guide

The care of older adults with cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach.
As part of an ongoing commitment to collaboration MASCC joins with the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) to host a joint session at the annual meeting each year.
This year the focus of the session is on the supportive care of older adults with cognitive impairment.
Experts representing both MASCC and SIOG will discuss the practical management of patients with cognitive impairment touching on delirium, dementia, polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use.
The somewhat neglected area of sleep disturbance in older adults with cancer will complete the session.
MASCC and SIOG are natural partners in the quest to further research and education in the appropriate care of older adults with cancer.
This joint session brings world experts in the field together to give practical tips to clinicians working in the field.

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