Q: If I submit an abstract do I have to attend the Annual Meeting?

A: All accepted abstracts will be scheduled in the Scientific Program either as Oral (Proferred Papers) or e-Poster presentations. It is expected that at least one author of the abstract attends the Meeting to present the work and answer questions. Only abstracts of registered participants will be scheduled in the Scientific Program. 


Q: I have submitted an abstract, when will I know if it has been accepted?

A: Only after all abstracts have been reviewed by the Scientific Committee will notifications be sent to the abstract submitters. Every effort is made to conclude this process within one month after the abstract submission deadline.


Q: How can I make changes to an abstract I have already submitted?

A: A: You may enter the Abstract Submission system with your username and password and make changes to your abstract until the submission deadline date. No abstract changes will be accepted after this date, however, you are welcome to bring a more up-to-date abstract to the Annual Meeting.


Q: My abstract has been accepted, but I do not have a copy. Are you able to send one to me?

A: Copies of your submitted abstracts can be sent to you by email. Please contact us at MASCC/ISOO 2019: Abstracts for more information.


Q: If my abstract is accepted, where will it be published? 

A: Copies of your accepted and registered abstracts will be published in the Supportive Care in Cancer online journal. Please contact us at MASCC/ISOO 2019: Scientific Program and Faculty for more information.


Q: I am having trouble logging into the abstract submission system – my username/password is not working

A: Please try one of the following options via the abstract submission page:

    1. In case you are using "Internet Explorer", please try another internet browser, e.g. "Google Chrome" or "Mozilla Firefox"
    2. When you copy and paste your user name and password, please make sure there is no extra space at the beginning or the end of them
    3. In case your password contains the letter "O", please make sure you do not type "0" (Zero) instead of the letter "O"
    4. Please note that the username or ID received when registering for the congress is different from the abstract submission. Please use the abstract submission username or "create new account"
    5. If nothing of the above works for you, please contact us at MASCC/ISOO 2019: Abstracts.

Q: I created a new account but did not receive my username?

A: Please note that the username is shown in the "Subject line" in the confirmation email received when setting up a new account.

Q:  Where is the Annual Meeting taking place?

A: The Annual Meeting will take place at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, USA. For more information on the venue, please visit the general information page.


Q: How do I get from the airport to the Annual Meeting Venue?

A: Please click here for more information.


Q: Can you please send me details of public transport? Do you have a map of the city or area surrounding the venue?

A: For up-to-date tourist information including public transport information and maps, please visit San Francisco's guide website.

Q: How can I find out information about hotels and their rates for this Annual Meeting?

A: Kenes International is offering Annual Meeting participants specially reduced rates for various hotels around the Annual Meeting venue. Information, pictures, location and rates are available on the Accommodation page.


Q: How can I book my room, and should I pay in advance?

A: In order to book a room, please click here to book online. Please note that full payment is required upon booking.


Q: Will I receive a hotel confirmation?

A: Yes. A detailed confirmation will be sent to you by email as soon as the booking is confirmed, and the payment is received.


Q: Can I book a hotel room without registering for the Annual Meeting?

A: Yes. You can book your room without registering by clicking on the "Booking" button of your chosen hotel available on the website via the Accommodation page. If you need further assistance, please contact the Hotel Accommodation Department.


Q: How can I book rooms for a group?

A: For group booking (10 rooms and more), please fill out the Group Booking form. Different payment and cancellation conditions apply.


Q:  Can I cancel my hotel booking?

A: Different cancellation policies apply, depending on the hotel and the time of booking. When booking, please check the cancellation policy summary that appears on the booking page. For bookings that have already been made, please view the terms and conditions of your specific reservation.

Q: How do I apply for visa?

A: A citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter the United States generally must first obtain a U.S. visa, a travel document issued by the traveler's country of citizenship that is placed in the traveler's passport.
Certain international travelers may be eligible to travel to the United States without a visa if they meet the requirements for visa-free travel.

It is the responsibility of MASCC/ISOO 2019 participants to obtain a visa if required. Annual Meeting participants should familiarize themselves with visa requirements well in advance of the Annual Meeting. The MASCC/ISOO organizers encourage you to apply for a visa as early as possible, at least 3 to 4 months before the Annual Meeting.

Complete information on how to apply for a visa to enter the USA can be found on the U.S. Department of State's website.


Q: Where can I get an Annual Meeting invitation letter so that I can apply for a visa?

A: An official, personalized letter of invitation will be provided to registered participants as a part of the registration procedure. This invitation is prepared solely for visa applications and is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support or confirmation of inclusion in the Scientific Program. Invitation letters can be provided electronically (PDF) or as a hard copy, if required. Hard copies will be mailed via regular post, free of charge. In case of a special delivery (courier) request, a participant will be responsible for all charges.

For more information, please contact the Registration Department through the "Contact Us" button.


Q: Is it possible to send an official invitation letter directly to my local Consulate?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to send invitation letters directly to consulates. Invitation letters are prepared solely for individuals and are mailed directly to them.

Q: How do I register for the Annual Meeting?

A: In order to register for the Annual Meeting, please click here.


Q: How can I pay the registration fees?

A: Payment of registration fees can be made by credit card or bank transfer. For full details please click here.


Q: Can I receive an invoice under the sponsoring Company/ Hospital's name?

A: Yes. During the registration process when inserting registration information, insert the required billing address in the Invoice Address field – this information will appear on the invoice you receive by email when completing the registration process.


Q: Can I register for the Annual Meeting without paying?

A: Yes, but your registration will be confirmed only when full payment is received.


Q: Can I register before the early fee deadline and pay later?

A: To benefit from the early fee registration discount, payment must be received before the deadline.


Q: Can I register onsite?

A: Yes. Onsite registration is available during the Annual Meeting days. Onsite fees will apply.


Q: What do my registration fees include?

A: For full detailed entitlements, please check the registration page.


Q: Will I receive a confirmation letter after I have finished registering?

A: Yes. A detailed confirmation letter and receipt will be sent to you by email as soon as the payment is received, and registration is completed. You may use this confirmation letter for visa application purposes.

Q: Can I bring my child/my family with me at the Meeting?

All event activities (including educational sessions, meal functions, exhibit hall, etc.) are exclusively reserved for registered attendees. Non-registered persons (including children, family members, colleagues, etc.) will not be permitted in any of the event areas. Badges provided at registration are required for entrance into all functions and will be strictly enforced.

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